Skin Smoothing? YES, Blend IS your Friend!

Posted by Amanda Christian on

It is safe to say, that one of the key elements of having a perfect face of makeup is having AMAZING blending skills! How important is blending to you? How much time do you spend on it?

Personally, I don't realise how much time I spend on my base, especially when rocking eyeshadow for a special occasion, I do my base last! (brows, eyes, then base) When really it is the MOST important step to creating a flawless look! I try to whisk my way through it but I always end up slowing down and taking my time on it, because the pics and videos from that long awaited night out won't be so forgiving if the base isn't to your perfection!

Blending out my undereye concealer using my Skin Smoothing Blending Sponges is honestly my favourite part of doing my makeup. and then fnishing off with setting powder It simply brightens completes the look and adds lovely definition to the face and makes me feel sooo good!

Will you be purchasing your very own blending sponge?


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