Make-Up Blending Sponge

  • £5.00

Give your face a flawless finish with our soft and flexible make-up blending sponge. Evenly and quickly blend in your foundation, BB cream, concealer, or any makeup formula to result in a beautiful, poreless base. Blending in your make-up just became easier!

Choose from 5 gorgeous colours:

Berry Beet 

Corally True

The Rose Effect

Blue Skies

Beige n Beauty


✦ The flat edge is excellent for applying any loose powder, ensuring you do not lose any product when moving from pot to face.

✦ Blend and buff away your liquid foundation using the round edge, leaving no patchiness in sight.

✦ The fine edge and tip allows you to disguise blemishes, and blend in your contour lines like a professional make-up artist, targeting the smaller areas such as the nose.

✦ The ‘Teardrop’ shape fits perfectly for under eye make-up application, giving bright and crease-free eyes for all!


How To Use Your Make-Up Blending Sponge 

Step 1: Looking for a dewy glow or buildable coverage? Firstly* dampen your blending sponge using rosewater or a setting spray of your choice before adding product. For a full coverage look, use your blending sponge dry.

Step 2: Gently dab around your face, evenly distributing the product, until you have achieved your desired result. 

Results: 100% Smooth, Enhanced and Long-lasting Finish! Yes!


*Rinse before initial use, allow to air dry.