For The Love of Beauty Package

For The Love of Beauty Package

  • £15.00

Let us bring out the true SPARC in you! Do it For The Love of Beauty! It's the season of LOVE! It is never a bad time to indulge in some self-love and care. A great option to get the full ALLSPARCS experience.

The FTLOB Package includes:

❤ 2 x Sets of Hair Removal Exfoliating Pads

❤ 1 x Blending Sponge in a colour of your choice

❤ 1 x Cleaning Mat in Plushin' Pink OR Cerise 

❤ 1 x Free Hydrating Mask 

With this package, you are saving 25%!


If you are glamming up, be sure to BLEND that face into perfection with our blending sponges, BUT be sure to use the cleaning mat first to make sure your brushes are fresh and clean! We have got you covered for all of that. PLUS, adding our Hair Removal Pads to your regular pamper routine is bound to give you that soft, fresh feeling!


Available for a limited time and very limited stock! 


Get into that loving mood! Listen to our 'For The Love of Music' Spotify playlist here