Hair Removal Exfoliator Pads

  • £4.50

Use these exfoliating pads to simply remove any fine hairs from the body, and leave you with smooth results. Ideal for removing any unwanted hairs in missed areas after shaving or waxing. A must have for your travelling checklist. 


✦ Includes 4 large and 4 small flexi-crystal replacement pads - allowing you to target any area

✦ Glide along with pink backing pads that have handles which gives a quick, controlled hair removal experience.

✦ Perfect size to carry when travelling, giving you smooth and hairless skin on the go.

✦ Keep your hair removal pads dust and dirt free with the provided soft, pink case.

Usage Instructions*

Ensure the skin is clean, dry and oil-free before using. Avoid using pads on the facial area

Step 1: Peel and place one black replacement pad and firmly place onto the pink backing pad.  

Step 2: Gently move in a circular motion, 4 times in a clockwise direction and then 4 times in an anti-clockwise direction. Use your other hand to keep the skin smooth and taut. 

Step 3: Repeat across the entire desired area. Rub gently, and do not rub up and down. Please note a fine powder may appear on the skin, this is the remains of the hair and is normal!

Step 4: Use a cool damp cloth to the treated area and apply and massage your usual moisturiser on your skin.

Step 5: Apply and massage your usual moisturiser on your skin to and voila! 

Results: Smooth and hair-free skin!

*Please note: Use ONCE a week to avoid skin irritation. This product is for normal skin types only. Do not use pads on broken skin, we do not recommend using this product if you have a skin condition. Please consult your doctor if in doubt.