Flexi-Brush Cleaning Mat

  • £6.00

Did you know that after daily frequent use, brushes can harbour bacteria which can easily accumulate over time and cause damaging effects on your skin? Use our cleaning mats to remove build up and give clean and soft brushes for an improved make-up application! 

Available in 5 fabulous colours*:

✦ Smoked.

✦ LaLa Lilac

✦ Arctic

✦ Plushin’ Pink

✦ Cerise


✦ Suction points at the base keep your mat in place when using inside the bathroom sink or shower, for a mess-free deep cleaning experience.

✦ Travel friendly, durable and flexible enough to roll into your travel bag and go!

✦ 7 variable textured surfaces allowing you to clean away the impurities from any type of large, medium or small sized make-up brush.

✦ No fussing about with a perfect size that will fit any sink. 

How to Use Your Flexi-Brush Cleaning Mat

Step 1: Place the mat into the centre of the sink.

Step 2: Wet your brush and whilst holding downwards at all times! 

Step 3: Add a cleaning solution of your choice (baby shampoo works well) and add a small amount to the centre of the pad. 

Step 4: Move your brush in a circular motion on the mat to lift any residue and dirt, using each textured surface - depending on the brush type. Rinse and repeat as required.  

Step 5: Allow brushes to air dry, ideally in a downward position.


Results: Soft, clean brushes - to give you the best make-up looks and keep your skin looking healthy!

*Colours may vary due to differences in monitor settings.

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